美高梅线上大全学校为学生提供严格的教育, 高质量的学者在一个善良的社区, 尊重, 和维护自己的权利.

我们的学校很小, 紧密结合的社区,让学生体验个性化, 经验, differentiated instruction as the students work to figure out who they are in relation to the larger world around them. 尝试一下是安全的, 失败, succeed as the students’ bodies and minds undergo hormone shifts and other developmental changes. 蒙特梭利7年级和8年级课程的目的是促进这一过程, 提供反馈和反思,同时让学生接触到新的想法, 概念, 人, 问题, 问题, 解决方案, 学生是多个相互关联的系统的一部分. 我们的毕业生很自信, curious learners who know how to identify and follow their passions throughout their lives and 尊重fully challenge the status quo.
就像成年人在工作环境中经历的“真实世界”一样, middle school student learning is multimodal and occurs both individually and in small groups, 通过研讨会, 研究美高梅线上大全, 合作活动. The students practice giving and receiving constructive feedback with graciousness and resilience. 作为一个小课堂社区的一部分, 每个学生都应该参与小组讨论和活动, 所有的声音都会被倾听和重视.


  • 课程概述

    Our curriculum is aligned with the Common Core Standards and is approved by the Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction. 它的目的是促进顺利过渡到公立或其他高中. 学生们每年春天参加爱荷华州评估(一项国家标准化考试).

    Our seventh and eighth grade program is based on the model developed by Cincinnati Secondary Teacher Education Program (CMSTEP) and incorporates the core elements of the Montessori philosophy as well as the latest findings in early adolescent development and learning. 


  • 英语、文学和写作

    整个周期, students read fiction and nonfiction novels that correlate with their natural and social world studies, 包括像 我在伊朗长大, 迦勒的穿越, 头脑风暴, 棕色女孩的梦想, 动物远, 珍珠, 蝇王, 太阳下的葡萄干, 杀死一只知更鸟, 寂静的春天, 他们携带的东西, 这条路, 西线一片寂静. Learning how and why to annotate while reading for understanding is a key part of the language arts curriculum and these competencies extend into student 研究 and study skills in all subjects.

    学生写作包括创意写作和正式写作, 注重将社会和自然世界融入他们的作品中. 如何定位和区分第一手资料和第二手资料, 恰当地引用它们, 对学生来说,研究写作过程的关键部分是什么. 对于所有的写作, students practice the components of high quality writing and use follow-up exercises in peer- and self-editing during their revision process.
  • 教室的扩展

    Applying their knowledge to real-world experiences makes learning come to life and gives purpose to the adolescent student. Each year, the students either create anew or continue a classroom business from the previous year. 这种经验提供了如何为共同目标而共同努力的实际应用, 公平地分配劳动和责任, 学习商业背后的经济学——收入, 费用, 利润, 和预测. 商业利润支付了每年春季学生旅行的大部分费用, 是什么把学生们带到华盛顿的, 华盛顿的社会世界焦点和毛伊岛, 我是自然世界的焦点.

    Students are also expected to volunteer on campus (7th grade year) or off campus (8th grade year) as “interns” in a field of their choosing, 目标是在他们的社区中建立有意义的联系. 他们在学习如何与成年人接触时得到支持, 如何为自己设定现实的期望, 以及如何倡导他们在实习经历中想要和需要的东西.
  • 数学

    The mathematics curriculum builds on the Montessori foundation from the elementary program. 随着学生对核心数学概念的扎实理解, 他们进入了华莱士的数学课程, 在那里他们探索代数表达式和方程, 指数的性质和科学符号, 线性代数与不等式, 功能, 多项式, 和二次方程. 每个学生都按照自己的节奏学习华莱士数学课程, 有可能在高中开始学习代数2或几何.

    Logical thinking and extensions of the math curriculum are also part of the student math experience, 当学生将他们的学习应用于创造性, team-based situations that present 问题 in unique ways to help students see math from different perspectives. Exploring math as group work helps students see that there are multiple ways to solve 问题, 哪一个能促进学生在小组中强有力和公平的参与.
  • 社会世界和自然世界

    Social world studies guide students to develop their historical analysis skills while making connections on a global scale. 历史模式, 比如文明的发展, 革命, 战争, 政治和社会决议强调了所有的研究. 使用文献和第一手和第二手资料, the students practice their critical thinking skills and apply historical context to current events. 社会世界课程结合了课程, 研究, 阅读, 研讨会, 交互式仿真, 以及教学材料的美高梅线上大全. Skills include: critical analysis of primary and secondary sources; document-based questioning; interpreting visual and audio sources; understanding timelines and cause and effect relationships; comparing and contrasting skills; recognizing cultural bias; understanding diverse, multicultural perspectives; map and geography skills; and using knowledge of history, 政府, 以及法律,以找到解决我们社会中挥之不去和新出现的挑战的办法, 我们的国家, 我们的世界. 华盛顿州的历史包括在两年的社会世界轮换中.

    自然世界研究涵盖了包括地质学在内的科学学科, 环境科学, 和生物学. 科学调查是基于全选项科学系统(FOSS), 并结合课程, 研究, 还有教授材料的实验室. Skills include: asking 问题 and defining 问题; developing and using models; planning and carrying out investigations; analyzing and interpreting data; using mathematics and computational thinking; constructing explanations and designing 解决方案; engaging in argument from evidence; and obtaining, 评估, 交流信息. 只要有可能,自然世界的体验都被带到户外.


  • 我们的毕业生

    我们的八年级学生毕业时都能独立解决问题, 知道当他们有问题的时候, 他们可以独立地寻找答案. 当他们犯错误时,他们很少感到沮丧, 相反,把它当作一个成长和挑战自我的机会. 作为雪松河蒙特梭利七年级和八年级的学生, 他们在这里拥有自己的社区,他们关心自己的教室和户外环境, 他们每天练习优雅和对自己感同身受, 与他们的同龄人和年轻的学生, 他们了解自己的角色和责任, 认识到他人的需要,并平衡他们与自己的需要. 他们毕业时知道如何为自己辩护, 作为自信的年轻人, 他们已经准备好迎接令人兴奋的高中生活!